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Tainara Lobo / 18 / Brazil

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I was tagged by beatle-boom, thank you XD!!


1. Have you ever cried over a band?

haha sooooo, mainly because of the blur. When they came to Brazil (the country where I live) I could not go to the show, so did not stop crying. Even today when I see Parklive for example, I get emotional because I’m afraid of never getting to go to a concert of them.

2. Favorite 80’s song?

Wow, I really like 80s music, so it’s hard to put just one as a favorite. So the music I listen to a lot lately is A-ha-Train Of Thought, but it has many others.

3. Britpop or Grunge?

Before I loved more grunge, but then I learned that blur and other Britpop bands exist, surely choose Britpop.

4. Have you ever been in a band’s backstage?

Unfortunately not.

5. The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

The Beatles.

6. Favorite Bassist?

I always liked Jason Newsted, was my favorite member of Metallica, but I love Alex … Alex James!

7. Do you think Nirvana is overrated?

Maybe, Nirvana inspired several youngsters from the 90s to today, however, they were successful so quickly because of smell like teen spirit, so many did not listen to other bands, most interesting movements (I’m not a good person to opnar about it and i like Nirvana)

8. Do you like any rock bands of these days?

The first band that came to my head was Arctic Monkeys, so …

9. Favorite movie?

There’s no way I put a movie, then is: all Harry Potter, Marie Antoinette, Breakfast Club and Shaun of the Dead.

10. What are you doing right now?

Just in front of computer Replying these questions (I like to do this).

11. What concerts have you been to?

this is sad, but I’ve never been to a show T_T, the city where I live is very far from the big São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which is where always happen shows and cool festivals. Then it gets harder for me to get going.

Thank you (sorry, for my horrible english)

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8. Your opinion about comparisons between bands.

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